Most legal disputes don’t end up in court. There are many ways that a dispute can be resolved quickly, and your choices often depend on the type of problem you have. Whether you’re having a disagreement with your landlord, another business, an employee or your ex-partner, you may have options that can save you precious time, money and energy.

Often, the quickest and easiest way to resolve a dispute is to negotiate directly. These discussions can become quite emotional or heated but they don’t have to be. You can negotiate either in person or by writing to the other person and try to reach an amicable agreement.

If you can’t reach an agreement by negotiating, you may be able to ask a mediator to help. A mediator is someone who is impartial and can help you negotiate with each other. Some lawyers are nationally accredited mediators, who can step in to help you achieve a resolution.

Conciliation is similar to mediation, as a third person tries to help you reach an agreement. Conciliators also often provide advice and guidance on the law and explain your rights and responsibilities.

A more formal process is called arbitration. This is similar to court because you present a case to an independent person and you will have to follow their decision. There are formal procedures that need to be followed, but they’re not as complicated or costly as going to court.

If you have a dispute that you want to resolve quickly, our lawyers, including a nationally accredited mediator, can explain what your options are and even represent you in your negotiations or hearings. Some of our lawyers are also nationally accredited mediators, which means they could mediate your problem for you. Once you reach an agreement, we can also help you document the outcome so you have peace of mind.


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