Running a business can be incredibly rewarding but it’s rarely without its challenges. Some can be planned for and provide new opportunities, while others are unexpected and can throw your operations and plans into havoc. Having reliable advisors by your side can help you navigate anything that comes your way and give you peace of mind.

Whether you’re expanding your business or dealing with the loss of a major customer, you may need to review how you operate. This could involve making sure your business structure can meet your goals and objectives or reviewing your commercial agreements. If there’s a dispute it may require you to negotiate your position or even go to court.

While you can’t mitigate every risk, you can protect yourself and minimise the impact on your business with preparation. Making sure you have robust policies and procedures in place, setting your operations up in the most efficient way and making sure your agreements have the right legal protections can help set you up for success.

Regardless of whether you’re running a large corporation or are a sole trader, you can call on our experienced business advisory lawyers for advice. We can help you solve the small problems quickly, or conduct large scale reviews to transform your business. Some of our lawyers have run businesses and understand your concerns. We also have a large network of complementary advisors, from accountants to public relations consultants, that we can call on to help you achieve the best result for your business.


Structuring your business

Transforming your operations

Protecting your assets

Reviewing your policies and procedures

Advising on changes in the law

Advising on corporate governance

Business purchases and sales

Mergers and acquisitions

Drafting contracts

Representing you in court or tribunals

Dealing with emergencies or a crisis

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