Amarra Dimachki | Accounts

If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain 

With a passion for numbers and life, Amarra has resulted in her fulfilling a number of roles in a myriad of businesses. Amarra’s career objective is to secure longevity in a company with a vibrant culture and outlook that matches her own, with Taylor Splatt being an ideal fit as its progresses through this period of transformational change and growth. Amarra’s ethos in her professional and personal life is aligned with the ideology of growth, stimulation, and progression. She believes satisfaction comes from giving back and accomplishing tasks which impact and shape the lives of others.

Outside of work Amarra lives a busy schedule involving the growth and development of her 3 children, as they pursue their own dreams in sport and music. She is an avid Collingwood supporter and has enjoyed their ups/downs on the sporting field.