Anish Rebello

Anish Rebello | Senior Associate


Bachelor Of Laws
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
Masters of Law (ADR)

Find the silver lining in each day, no matter how small.

Anish is the kind of person that people gravitate towards. His outgoing and friendly nature draw you in and make you feel comfortable, which is just what you need when you’re dealing with difficult issues involving your family.

With a sympathetic ear, Anish listens to his clients and genuinely wants to help them solve their problems. He understands that everyone has their own story and he wants to help people find their happily ever after.

Whether you’re preparing to separate from your partner, dividing assets or trying to manage parenting arrangements, Anish is there to help every step of the way. He knows how emotional family law issues can be and what a relief it can be to know you’re in good hands.

Anish deals with a wide range of family law issues. He has helped clients to negotiate both parenting  and property matters, and he also has experience dealing with intervention orders. While his preference is to resolve matters out of court, he understands that’s not always the case and helps his clients navigate the court process with care.

Anish’s experience working in family law has taught him how important it is to educate people about the law. He keeps this in mind with all his clients when explaining what their options are and the things they should take into account. His upfront and direct approach ensure his clients walk away with practical advice to help them resolve their situation.

Outside of work, Anish enjoys anything and everything sports related from cricket to the NFL. He hopes to one day see his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup, the Gold Coast Titans win the NRL Premiership and the Gold Coast Suns win the AFL Grand Final, although he’s not holding his breath with that last one.