Whether you’re a sporting organisation, managing an event or are an athlete, your sport isn’t just a game it’s your life. But there are many laws, regulations and procedures that need to be followed to protect you and make sure that you stay ahead of the pack.

Regardless of whether you’re a professional governing body, a local club or business, if you’re organising a sporting event there are many things to consider. Contracts need to be negotiated and drafted, commercial agreements set up, sponsorship procured and activated, property leased, broadcast rights negotiated and policies and procedures put in place. All must meet specific commercial laws, occupational health and safety laws, sporting rules and regulations.

Athletes competing at both local and professional levels often want to raise their profile and increase their income through sponsorship agreements. But you don’t want to commit to anything that may affect future opportunities. While sponsors need to ensure that their brand receives appropriate exposure and value.

Governing bodies and sport sanctioning authorities also have specific risks and issues that need to be managed. These may include lobbying the government, presenting to judicial bodies, managing disputes, or understanding what governance and processes you need to put in place to protect your organisation.

Our experienced sports lawyers have worked with national sporting organisations, sport sanctioning bodies, athletes, businesses, sponsors, clubs, governing bodies and clubs. We give guidance and advice on one-off agreements or a full-service to establish and manage all your legal and governance needs. We’ll look after the paperwork and help you mitigate your risks, so you can focus on the competition.


Negotiating sporting event contracts

Negotiation and activation of sponsorship agreements

Athlete agreements

Team agreements

Advice on sporting rules and regulations

Sporting event disputes

Judicial frameworks, structures and processed

Advocacy and representation through the judicial process

Governance of your sporting association or club

Policies and procedures for your organisation

Structuring your event or organisation

Event management planning and documentation

Brand protection

Negotiating broadcast rights

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