Your family is precious and making changes to your arrangements can be emotional and stressful. Whether you’re thinking of divorce, need to make changes to your parenting arrangements or are negotiating a financial agreement, our experienced family lawyers can help you with care and compassion.

The most common areas that people need assistance is in reaching an agreement on their financial situation and parenting arrangements. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or not, this can be complicated if you’ve been living under the same roof, have young children or if there’s domestic violence involved. You don’t just need advice, you need understanding and support.

Most want to make sure they avoid court, and it’s never too early in your relationship to start planning for this. Binding financial agreements can be created before you move in together, during your relationship or after it’s ended so you have certainty. Even if court can’t be avoided, our lawyers can stand by your side and represent you.

Dealing with family law issues doesn’t have to get messy. Our lawyers can give you guidance on what your options are and explain in plain English what it means for you and your loved ones. We can also help you negotiate your property and financial arrangements so that you reach a fair outcome and prepare all the paperwork.


Separation and divorce

Parenting arrangements

Consent orders

Property matters

Intervention order

Spousal support

Child support

Family violence intervention orders

Binding financial agreements

Negotiation, mediation and litigation

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